I woke up really early to go to church with my aunt this morning. I felt like I was going to throw up. :/ The pastor is nice but I just have a hard time listening to churches that I can tell are non-affirming. He had a sermon about family roles and talked about the husband and wife’s roles. That’s not….inclusive. There are so many other type of families out there. And also, can we stop playing into outdated gender roles? I’m so exhausted. The only good queer religious theory I get is from the internet or books and I’m starving for an affirming church, one that recognizes how the bible was translated/interpreted in many different ways, recognizes how love is love and people are people. I looked up some in the area and might try a few. It’s like my soul has been starved all my life. I need this. 

Somehow I stayed awake afterwards (coffee). My cousin Brandy, her boyfriend Dan, and their baby Q came over for coffee/late lunch. Q is the only baby I like. He smiles at me and makes weird noises and tries to roll around on the floor. It’s very entertaining. Brandy is my favorite cousin. 

Work was work. No one wants to hear about it. Yawn.

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