New Year Reading

I first met my friend T on a website seven years ago, she lives on the opposite side of the world so we shall probably never meet in the physical world. When the website closed down, we continued staying in touch through e and snail mail. She is awesome, she is always trying new things and has many creative talents and interests which I find pretty inspiring.

We have seen each other through many different phases over the seven years and when I was going through one of my most traumatic times she was there daily, listening, offering her thoughtful wisdom, kind words and a focus away from my troubles. She would talk about all her many interests, one of which was tarot cards. I mentioned I had always wanted to go to one of those just out of interest and she offered to do me a reading. Her accuracy blew me away especially as this was during our very early days which had consisted of mainly fun chats on a public website as opposed to sharing to much personal details. Since then she has done me a few readings usually for the new year which have turned out to be consistent in their accuracy of my current situations.

This is my reading for the start of 2018:

Mental aspects – 6 wands-good news, indicates after a lot of hard work and difficulties you are now beginning to achieve the success you dreamed of – one recognised by other people.

Relationships- 11 The Web- you must make a decision based on your own sense of what is right rather than listening to advice.think about consequences.

Creative Inspirations- Ace of Discs- beginning of an enterprise that will bring financial rewards. Money will become available . you have the energy and resolve to make it work.

Actions- 6 Swords- you are moving away from difficulties, either physically or mentally. card of travel away from will gain insight with new perspective. relief from anxiety.

Emotional Aspects- King of Cups – mature, sensitive man. moody , finds it hard to trust. willing to help explore your feelings.

Subconscious Aspects- 2 High Priestess- your life is changing, nothing is certain and nothing can be taken for granted.your intuitive powers will increase and you will be creative. attraction to spirituality and knowledge.

Practical Matters- 2 Discs- fluctuations in fortune makes projects difficult , need to be flexible. there will be changes. losses and gains.Work hard and you will be rewarded.Finances need careful handling .budget carefully . don’t use credit.

Inner strengths- The King of Discs- a mature, reliable man . practical and deliberate. Thinks carefully before he acts . a loyal trustworthy friend . don’t cross him.

In summary I think I need to tap more into my creative side, I will not worry about money, the King of Cups sounds very much like G but then so does the King of discs, well I guess that would be right seeing as he’s been the cause of contradictions in myself for the last year .. it will be interesting to look back on this reading in the year ahead!

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