Sunday January 28th

Crazy dream- I want to write it down before I forget any of it- 

I was living/buying a huge house that needed TONS of work. It was street level on the front, then the basement was street level on the back. It was a really old house. I had 3 foster kids- boys- The oldest one was about 11, then a younger school age boy, then a baby. The baby’s name was David. I was talking to two social workers that had come to the house to visit me. The next scene in the dream, my boys had gone to school and I was working in the house. I heard something in one of the bedrooms, and it was two little boys. They told me they hang out in this house all the time- I guess it had been abandoned/empty before I bought it. They were apparently homeless. Dirty. I told them I would wash their clothes for them and they could take a bath. The younger one was not much more than a toddler, so I pulled him on my lap to take off his shoes. I took of one shoe, and there was a smaller one underneath. I took that one off, and there was a smaller one, and so on for about 5 shoes. So weird. I thought to myself, I guess they have to wear everything they have since they have no where to put it. 

I supposed I’m dreaming about homeless and foster kids because I have that on my mind. I am going to start the foster parent classes soon. I need a real house before I start taking kids, though. This townhouse is just not a good home for a kid. No yard, no where to ride a bike, no kid neighbors. 

I am still hopeful about the job downtown. That job would allow me to make money much faster to be able to buy a house much faster. I really want that job. It would be life changing for me. I haven’t told a single soul I applied for it. I don’t want anyone else to apply for it that hasn’t already. I’m sure there are hundreds of people that applied. It’s too good a job. 

Nothing ever is easy for me. I always learn everything the hard way. I always manage to hit every branch when I fall out of a tree. I find every mistake and I make it. Wouldn’t it be amazing if this one time, something actually went smoothly and easy for me? I just cannot even imagine. 

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