Today Marks Two Months!

I made a weight loss challenge where I’d make some $$$ if I made it to my goal. So I signed up for 6 months and 45 pounds to lose!

Today is officially two month! I’m doing pretty good I’d say. I’m on track with my bet, I am 0.1 away from 20 pounds, which is good! 25 left and with 4 full months to achieve it. My effort this month has really been half assed tho. I crave a lot of shit and cave in, I put in workouts about 3 times a week but it could totally be higher if my treadmill was fixed by now! 

Ugh how I wish it was, it be such a game changer. I hate driving to the gym. I hate traffic, I hate driving. It’s not even 5 miles away and it can take me 30 minutes, no lie. I rather just run at home and do some strength training at home & just go twice a week to use the machines instead of everyday.  

I should really look at my treadmill again…

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