So today nothing that special but just sleep the whole day because what else would I do. Then this guy is interested to know me but we will see how the things goes because now I am single and i guess I am ready for another relationship. I do feel scared sometimes but I think it’s time for me to open my heart again because who knows this guy can make me happy like how I always wanted. Some days in the lonely night, I feel like I miss him (my ex) but sometimes I know I have to accept the facts that our relationship has ended 7 months ago and I have to move on no matter how. It’s weird for me to think that that guy used to be everything for me but now he’s just a memory to me and I don’t know if we gonna talk again. God knows what’s the best for me eventho it hurt right? Sometimes isn’t what we want but that is how it should be. Life’s lesson taught me alot of stuff and it makes me stronger than I used to be and I’m scared to be honest

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