01/28/18 — Flow of Life (Somewhat NSFW)

Today I’m catching up on Riverdale while I write this. I love this show so far, and it’s entertaining. I’m more or less in a very good mood right now. Super Adult invited me over to his house again today, after deciding that we are going to go with the flow of things for now.  So I went to his house, and we watched Harry Potter, starting my favorite one (Prisoner of Azkaban). Then there was back rubbing, and kissing, and stripping of clothes, and moving to the bedroom, and moans of ecstasy, and anxiety, and not one, not two, but three climaxes. Oh and a phone call in the middle of it wherein he decided to pause while I picked it up and told me to get off the phone without using words, but by thrusting harder enough to make me moan out loud, causing Monica to get off the phone awkwardly. Then there was conversation about the past, his past. We talked about the kids, and he showed me videos of his kids. They’re adorable. I’m glad that he feels comfortable talking about heavy stuff with me, it shows that we can grow close because we are comfortable. I’m excited to start teaching dance and flexibility tomorrow. I need to sleep though. 

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  1. THAT WAS NOT OK. A simple text would’ve sufficed. Ihatechu.

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