[179] ~*Mon – 01/29/18*~

[11:51 pm]

When will this end?! I thought this new year was supposed to be better than the last but it’s not starting good at all. I went out with my first client which didn’t take all her time so I came back home and back to bed I went for an hour. I then went out with my second client and when I was bringing her back home my car decided to act up and stall as I was turning in her street. OMG! I was almost in the middle of the road and just had to turn off the car and turn it back on hoping it didn’t just die on me. I’m glad no one was behind me. My car was fine after that but I wasn’t as I just put so much money on it and here we go again. I did sorta been having trouble with it ever since hub changed the battery like a month ago. I’ve been telling him that it feels like it wants to stall once in a while but it never actually did. Today it did and I don’t even remember feeling it wanting to stall, it just did. I had asked hub to check the battery again to make sure it wasn’t loose and he had said it wasn’t.

So yea, after this happening I drove back home and went straight to bed cause I was just discouraged. My last client had cancelled so I was planning on going to the Casino with my friend but decided to come home instead cause I was scared to drive my car in the traffic. I tried to sleep but of course I couldn’t as I kept thinking about my car and what to do. I called my friend and then decided to go to the garage and explain what happened. The guy said it’s prob the battery, that sometimes when you change the battery you need to reset something or what not. I really hope it’s an easy fix but this all started after we changed the battery so it must be related to it. Let’s hope so! I need to meet hub at the garage when he’s done work so we can leave the car there and they will check it tomorrow.

Since I was out and not feeling due to my car, I decided to go to Jack’s as it was behind the garage where I go. I played $20 and took $40 so not too bad as I made $20. I could of made $30 but of course I wanted to keep playing. Haha! I then went and grabbed myself some Wendy’s with the money I had just won and went to work. I asked the manger until what time she was there last night with the cleaners and she said 1:30 so I’m very glad I said no cause I wouldn’t of been able to manage it. That would of left me with six hours sleep so not enough to take a sleeping pill.

Anyways, work went well and I then called my friend to see if she wanted to go to the Casino to try our free $5 and she said yes. Bouhaha! I played $5 on mom’s card and $5 on my friend’s card but nothing. My friend played her $5 and nothing. I decided to play the $10 that was left from me winning at Jack’s. I played $5 and didn’t win anything, gave $5 to my friend to play and she freaking took out $55. She gave me my $5 back but I played it and lost. Blah! I’m happy for her though as she never wins and she needs money.

I got home and talked to my mom for a while and now I’m writing while waiting for hub to call so I can go meet him at the garage. Tomorrow I need to wash my hair and I’m super scared cause it’s the first time I’ll be washing that pink and I have no idea how it’s going to turn out AND my purple is already so faded that I’m scared to see how bad it’s gonna be. I don’t understand why it’s so faded as right now it looks as if I would of done five wash and I’ve only done two. I sorta want to ask my friend to re-do it but I feel like I’ve been asking too much as she already cut my hair twice and re-did the pink although I paid her so.. I don’t know. We shall see how it turns out after I washed it but I really hope the purple won’t get any worse and that the pink will turn out alright. My mom said I needed to stop and go back to natural color cause I was never happy. Bleh! I’m thinking about it but… it’s so pretty when it doesn’t fade. We shall see, we shall see.

Beside that, still having problems with that mucus. Super annoying! I’m gonna wait two weeks and if it’s not getting any better with the nasal spray I’ll be making an apt with the doc.

Alright, that’s all for now as I feel that I’ve been complaining too much for one night. I’ll keep some for tomorrow. Haha!




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