does this teacher know she’s rude

Volunteered again today (i spend a lot of my life at this place.) Didn’t do much worth mentioning. But I felt energetic and awake, which is good, it’s hard for me to feel like that most of the time. 

Class was hell. Our prof gave us all Fs, Cs, and Ds on our first weekly paper. She’s really contradicting and confusing. Also rude, she refuses to talk to people about the grades and says we should pay attention. I almost cried in the lab because I just felt wrong. Like if my grades are low my sense of self feels threatened. And also I could be kicked out of the program if I fail. So there’s that. But I just have to breathe and keep trying. There’s nothing else I can really do. 

Also, can the 3 people who got the Bs shut the fuck up and stop complaining? “Aww I’m so upset I thought I’d do better.” Like? Excuse me, 80% of us got horrible grades. So have some fucking tact and compassion and just keep your mouth shut. 

Yes, Im aware I used to act just like those B students. I’m sorry. 

Devon actually listened to my playlist today and liked some of the songs. (Reminds me, I heard a It Looks Sad song on my spotify and thought of Kennedy, and Charlevoix). I hope he’s doing okay even with all his friend drama and breaking up with M. 

My aunt made me nachos when I came home and I finished one of my assignments early, thank God. 

At least no matter what I know my friends have my back. 

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  1. I know exactly how you feel. I used to have a teacher just like that. Don’t worry about that. Just do what you gotta do. Do your best! And about that teacher, I believe God’s fair and we’ll face the consequences of our actions. If she says things like that, just tell her to go fuck herself (internally, of course, hahaha)!

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