Facemasks And Self-love

 Today was a day filled with serenity and self love.

I woke up at four today but my bed literally held its hands outstreched towards me, so I jumped straight back in. But I did get some work done today. And by little, I mean extremely minute.

But for some unknown reason I was so happy today. It was as though a unicorn threw up some elysian stardust and just a plain feeling of content with a teeny dash of sarcasm all over me. Like nothing could bring me out of this state. 

My morning was filled with my mom’s amazing food and a ton of youtube videos. Later in the afternoon I went to the salon and got my eyebrows done and just caught up with my friends. Also, I think I just freaking used up all my wi-fi trying to download Sim’s 4 illegally from some shitty grassholic website. Thank flowers, my laptop wasn’t hacked. Yes, I had to download it illegally because I’m seventeen. Period.

When I got back, my parents were already at work. I just love staying alone. I do not prefer isolation,but I do prefer solitude.

 I also did an oatmeal mask and legit could not stop touching my face cause it was frickin glowing. So that’s something I would definitely do again. Also I drank like four cups of green tea because I’m obsessed. My stomach also feels like it’s going to explode by the amount of junk food I ate. 

I also read Pride and Prejudice for the hundredth time with a SYML song playing softly in the back while my candles spread some heavenly scent of vanilla,which crept insidiously around my room. I was also wearing some fuzzy socks and was wrapped like a burrito with my blankets. It was  utter peace and was definitely a break from my muggle world filled with mundane activities.

Also I ate cereal for dinner because why not.  I also did a lot of stuff today and have some deep poetic strings of thoughts creeping up but I’m too lazy to type it all out. So until next time I suppose. 


Forever is composed of nows’ – Emily Dickinson. 


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