I can’t sleep..

so it’s 2:17 am ..i can’t fucking sleep cuz my mind is going off like my phone when i get stupid notifications from Twitter..one thought right after the other ..boom boom boom..im laying on my bed at my relatives house cuz I have a job away from home away from my boyfriend away from my bfs mother and those girls ..i figured this was the best way to figure my shit out is if I didn’t have any distractions you know what I mean?? So anyways I’m laying here listening to zombie by the cranberries ..i have to use the bathroom but I can’t find the motivation to get up ..so my bf finally decided to move out thank God you know? If you read my entries I’m pretty sure that was my last entry when he finally gave in..i can’t wait till taxes come back so we can pay off bills and move the hell out away from his wretched mother money sucking bitch…sorry if you get confused my mind is all over the place and I vent alot..im finally taking stand and changing my image ..which means losing weight i have gained over these complicated years I call my life ..and of course hair cut and some piercings and tattoos the whole works ..new look new place new start ..move aside 2018 I’m coming head first and I’m going to get what I want one way or the other ..mise well get up to go to the bathroom ending here ..for now I have work at 2 pm today till 11 I need sleep..its now 2:25 am ttyl whoever reads my entries¬†

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