Love Stinks

So I like this boy named Liam. He and I are really good friends. He has a girlfriend though, his girl friend is one of my best friends. Ugh we face time until like two in the morning and idk what it is about him. Hes so funny and nice and hes not like those stupid boys that are always like, ITS SO LIT. He actually has some sense to him. 

Anyway tonight I was face timing him and Ugh i just wanted to tell him so badly. Like I has a gigantic urge to just come out and say it like AHHHHHH. I texted my best friend Kamryn who also likes Liam but me and her just make jokes about it she just likes him cause hes cute, She said I couldn’t tell him. So does anyone have any ideas or hints to help me get through this please?! I need it

2 thoughts on “Love Stinks”

  1. Wait until they break up. Then tell him how you feel. If you confess your love to him, your best friend is going to think that you’re jealous of their relationship. And also that you stole him from her to make you happy; so he’ll be with you. Maybe the best part of it; is to move on to someone else. Maybe one of Liam’s best friend’s and start dating him to get Liam to like you. But, are you willing for Liam to breakup with your best friend to be with you and hurt her just to make you happy in your relationship with him? That’s something you need to think about.

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