My 1st Time…. Blogging


Don’t really know how this works, who will see this or won’t, I just really have to get stuff out and as no one around neither cares or listens I thought typing it out may help me…..

Ye see I came to the realisation recently that although I have a “family” I am very much a loner. I’m a 37 year old single female with very few if any friends, and well with a family like mine who needs enemies?!!

So I’m over weight, Agoraphobic who suffers from social anxiety, so I basically, I can’t be bothered with drama and don’t get out much lol, I could go on but long story short, at times life’s been pretty shitty, but I always felt grateful that I had family around me. Til a series of events showed me what people have been saying and portraying me as, not that I care about random arseholes opinions, but I care because I’m not who or what people think, I have one or two people who I love that have saw through the lies and deception, but there’s actually people out there who have never met me with awful opinions on me, if only they knew my side.

Life’s not always been doom and gloom and in all honesty, I’m a very fun upbeat cheerful person always laughing and making others laugh, laughter is the best medicine and I must be the illness 😂😂

So to recap I’m an overweight single 37 year old female with no friends or purpose in life, living with “relatives” no job or goals other than to blog my life and maybe give some people a giggle!!!

So stay posted as my life actually has been one hell of a journey and has saw teen pregnancy, adultery, abuse, Partying, breakups, break downs, deaths lies and a whole lot a fucking laughter ✌✌✌

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