[180.1] ~*Tue – 01/30/18*~

[8:22 pm]

I ended up picking up my car as the garage called around 5:20 pm. I wanted to leave it there and pick it up tomorrow as it’s storming outside but I figured they would rather have me pick it up tonight so they could clean their parking lot. They cleaned up a few sensors related to the battery so hopefully that’s all it needed. So yep, another $80 on my car. Things are starting to add up pretty quickly but hopefully this is the last thing it needed for a while. I’m still being positive about the car.

After picking up the car me and hub went out to St. Louis for some wings. I sorta wanted to go to the movies but we were in the “in between” of shows so we decided to come back home. We had to park the car on the side of the road as the plow had went by but the tractor hadn’t cleaned our driveway yet. Hub wanted to just plow through the snow with the car but I told him no. I don’t care that it’s soft snow, it was up to the hood and he already destroyed the front of the other car by doing that. He drives a car but he thinks he got a tank. Of course once inside he decided to go back to bed so I was the one that needed to watch for the tractor which I don’t understand their logic. The street to come to our Court was all clean, so they went around the block but didn’t come into the Court. It seems like they just go around and do everyone else and then come back to do the Court at the end which makes no sense at all. Why not just come in the Court while your on the other street and go back out instead of having to come all this way back.

Anyways, it’s washing my hair night tonight and I couldn’t do that just yet as I had to wait for the tractor to come so I could bring the car in. While I was writing this entry they showed up so I just took the car back in so now I don’t have any excuses to not shower and wash my hair. I’m scared of doing it as I have no darn idea how it’s gonna turn out. I really don’t want to be going just yet so I’ll be watching a show or two and then I guess I’ll go. At the very worse I’ll just text the hairdresser and see what we can do. I just don’t want to spend more money as I’ve already over spent on this last haircut and all.

To add to my worries, that mucus is just bugging me a whole lot. I don’t think this spray thing is doing anything. I’m about to go to the clinic and see if they can give me something else cause my throat just feels so full and nothing wants to come out.




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