[180] ~*Tue – 01/30/18*~

[4:08 pm]

It’s 4 pm and I haven’t heard from the garage yet which is stressing me a bit. I kinda want to call to see if they did check my car yet or not but I’m scared of what they will tell me. It’s also storming outside so even if my car is ready today, I don’t know if I’ll be picking it up today. That husband of mine made me a bit mad last night as he told me that since I was taking the car back to the garage that he should tell me that it acted out the very first night we got it back. WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME THAT?! He said he didn’t mention it as it could of been a one time thing. Dude, I work with mental health people and I drive them around and I need a car that won’t die on me. I don’t understand how he didn’t mention this to me. I would of took the car back last week instead of waiting this week and having it happen when I was out with a client. Arg! I just hope that it’s an easy fix cause I don’t know anymore. 

Hub was just making me grrr last night. First what he tells me about the car and then he was doing ALL the dishes which I was like “What’s going on?!” as he never does it. He said I was always complaining that he wasn’t doing it so he decided to do it but of course I knew this would happen, halfway through he was like “I can’t finish this, my back hurts too much, can you finish?!”. I told him that if he would take the time to do the one fork, bowl and cup a night with the suggies kitchen he wouldn’t have this problem. What was there was about a week worth of dishes which wasn’t much as we don’t use much but for him it was. I wonder if he’s gonna start washing the dishes with the kitchen. He was like “Well, it’s a waste of water and soap for just those thing.” Derp! You’re already using water and soap for the suggies kitchen, you just use the same one for your fork, bowl  and cup. That man! He also for some weird reason cleaned the cats litter. I don’t know what was wrong. Would be nice if he would start helping thought but since he never does it, I always question his reasons for doing it.

Anyways, I finished the dishes, fed the suggies and he made us some food. I ate and watched a few shows then went to bed as it was already past 2:30 am. I read until almost 4 am. I don’t remember the last time I went to bed so late. Today I was sorta done sleeping around 2 pm but I just didn’t wanted to get out of bed. I wanted it to be a lazy day. I told myself I could get up and do the suggies cage today so I wouldn’t have to do it next week but I feel that every day off I get I need to be doing something so I decided to just be lazy. I got up to go pee and went back to bed until like 3 pm. I didn’t sleep but I lay there with the cat sleeping on me.

I decided to get out of bed cause I obviously couldn’t sleep anymore so I might as well get going with my day. It didn’t snow that much but I still don’t really feel like going out in that weather. I had planned for me and hub to go eat somewhere tonight but I’m not sure about that anymore. I’m also not sure at what time he went to bed so no clue when he’ll be getting out of bed. I called my friend when I got up and swept the floor while I was talking to her. I just can’t focus on one thing. Haha! Every time I talk to someone on the phone I’m either sweeping the floors or doing the dishes or putting away the laundry.

I feel like I should be doing something today as the house is a mess. I’ve been wanting to wash my floors for ever but like I said, I just want a lazy day. I just can’t believe Jan is basically done and I haven’t done a darn thing when I had told myself I’d start cleaning in the new year. Oh well…




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