Back To The Grindstone

Back to work tomorrow after a perfectly blissful week off, I tried to make it a balanced week as there doesn’t seem to be enough of that in my life at the moment.

The week started with college although I was on annual leave I still decided to go in. I followed up with two days of course work whilst listening to a roar of a bluster on cloud swept raindrops. It was a cosy feeling staying indoors and a relief to have sent two more units off to my tutor with a yes punched air fist on the end of Wednesday.

Thursday arrived and the weather much calmer, good karma as I had a date with a hairdresser in a different hair salon from what I’m used to. I had let my hair go by the roots as my usual hairdresser had gone out of town and doesn’t appear to have returned. So it was with trepidation on the recommendation of a neighbour that I ventured to put the life of my hair in a new pair of hands. Three hours later, a head massage to die for, the weather still dry, I surveyed my new image with classy doubt, I had asked for my usual red and blonde highlights but failed to notice any red. Still it looked much neater and I paid with a double tip.

Friday I woke with a ‘YAY, it’s Friday’, been a while since I’ve had that Friday feeling. I spent the morning leisurely before getting ready for my planned evening out meeting up with colleagues from my previous team. I decided to wear a dress for a change with my new designer boots picked up during the January sales for a fraction of the original price. I battled my way through a sealed security protected foundation, so secure I stabbed at it with scissors, a nail file before nearly giving up with a pair of tweezers I finally broke in. Make up done, perfume sprayed, confidence followed me out the door and on the way through the school hour rush. I waited in Costa and grabbed a coffee whilst waiting for my buddies to finish work before my phone lit up. ‘Where are you babe’, ‘come over to the pub’. Two of the guys were waiting outside and after a swift, tight hug one of the guys apologetically said ‘he couldn’t stay’. ‘Oh well, its been nice seeing you’ before heading inside with my Italian colleague who I had shared so much angst with and a Christmas snog. Drinks bought, my females arrived, different hairstyles but still the same as any other Friday night out at the end of a working week. I’d only been gone since October but there was news of blossoming new romances and babies on the way. I shared my promotion and we congratulated each other with a shot of sambuka for me, tequilla for them. Gradually there were goodbyes ‘see you Monday’, oh how I missed that.

Saturday I woke to a new set of plans, getting ready to meet up with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. She phoned to announce her arrival and I phoned her back standing on my doorstep ‘I can’t see you’ .. ‘but I’m parked outside your house’, ‘oops wrong house, wait there’ .. we met with a giggle and went off for lunch in a lovely country pub. I had a glass of prosecco with lime chilli dressed salmon and we chatted on through to coffee. Empty cups, bill paid, we headed off to our local town for a browse around the shops, and a browse it remained as no inspiration struck the money in my purse. Oh well, may as well be sensible, I do need a mop and off to the supermarket we hopped. Groceries bagged, mop in hand, we drove back to mine, more coffee and chit chat with apologies for the untidyness, well can’t have it all, I have another two days left for household chores.

Two days later, oh yeah housework, oops, that didn’t happen but at least I’m prepared for my early start tomorrow with clothes hanging out and lunch prepared in the fridge which hopefully I won’t forget come half six in the morning when I’m heading out the door and back to the norm of work filled days and study once home.

2 thoughts on “Back To The Grindstone”

  1. Sorry it took me so long to comment back, Iā€™m terrible about commenting.

    I am going to go to the doctor and have them tell me what my options are. I might get lucky and it might just need physical therapy. Here’s hoping.

    I wish I had friends to make plans to go out with. I’m really such a loner that I don’t make friends easily but I do keep the ones I have, even though they live far away. That’s why I like reading other people’s journals; I can live vicariously through them.

  2. I appreciate your comment Blue and I am happy to read you are going to visit your doctor .. šŸ™‚
    I have a friend who lives on the other side of the world, she is the one who I talk to the most about things that matter .. I have found friends in reality expect me to be a little ray of sunshine and don’t really understand when I am feeling woeful .. the best way forward is to do things that make you happy even if its alone although this sometimes eludes me too!

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