Day 695 to 702 – Exams and relaxing

Monday, January 29, 2018

Nine days… Yeah, no excuse this time, haha.

I believe I ended on a Monday. Well, I didn’t have an exam that day, because of a storm (which only happened after the exams in the evening, so pointless). It was moved Thursday. But I went to school anyway to turn in a math project. I then studied math with Kohai. The rest of the time I relaxed.

The day afterwards was for my French exam. We didn’t have a normal exam for that class, so we didn’t have to show up to school. I slept in and studied math for five or so hours afterwards, because the day after I had my math exam. I think it went okay. I had to guess quite a few questions and left the last one blank. But other than that, it wasn’t too bad… I hope it went okay. Also, I learned that day that my French exam was moved to Monday, but because I don’t have one for that class, it’s just gonna be a day off for me.

For Thursday, I had my technology exam. I just continued my Darth Vader model in Blender. I didn’t get to finish it as expected, but my teacher is okay with it if I didn’t finish it. At home I relaxed and I believe this is when I start playing VR Chat.

Friday is a blur (although very likely just a lazy day), but Saturday I hopped on VRChat and met quite a few people, three in particular. Two of them I’d hang out with now and then and they’re pretty cool, but the other I really wanna hang out with him, but it’s difficult cause of time zones. When I do hang out with him on VRChat, it’s at night and I have to basically whisper into the microphone to not wake up my parents. So sometimes we’ll just text through Discord. He seems to be a really nice guy, and kinda misunderstood. We laugh quite a bit even though our jokes are the boring but kinda funny remarks towards each other or other people.

Sunday was lazy once again, and today I did go out to get art supplies. I also talked very quietely to the guy I met. I feel like he may come up again, so I’ll just refer him to… Ren, cause that’s the avatar he had. (Ren Amamiya, Persona 5)

So everything has been pretty lazy after exams, but you know what, I deserve the relaxation. Tomorrow I’ll start being productive again.

That’s all for today.

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