It Happened again… 30/Jan/2018-8.06pm

We fought again.. He got mad at me for showing him this sour face. I cooked today and last minute he told me that he’s gonna go for a dinner  with friends . I took it to heart . He came back, told me he will eat first. Served food for him, and he asked me some question, I answered it angrily, he burst out mad. Shouting and yelling , I kept a straight face . Threatened to call my dad and tell him about this. and he did. He called my dad and complained what I did to him . I just sat next to him keeping quiet . He told my dad to call me, which he havent called . I am now typing and waiting for him to call..if he did. 

He didn’t finish the food I cooked for him. After he went out , I cried . At this point I just don’t give a shit anymore if my dad wants to get mad or advice . I ate this flu medicine which was meant to make you feel sleepy . Last time we fought really2 badly was last year.. earlier last year. happened again, all because of me. I feel so neglected . 

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