Late night Lily

So, 2018 has gotten off to the usual beginning of the year start. A swift kick in the face of our reality. 

Earlier this week we FINALLY got that call we have been waiting for. Lily will at last have her intake evaluation for ABA therapy. It’s going to be in-home, so of course I’m stressing out because our “home” is technically Kevin’s mom’ house (still). Six people in a 2bed 1bath, 900sq ft house is problematic for SO many reasons. So what that means is a deep cleaning of what I can only describe as the remnant dust and clutter of the 70’s. It is hard enough cleaning a home when you have kids occupying your space. I clean one place and after moving to another they destroy the previous place. OR, as Kevin so lovingly puts it, “it’s like brushing your teeth with a mouthful of Oreos.” Haha Anyhow, I dive in..Going thru stacks of National Geographic and medical paperwork. Quickly switching to sorting and dumping toys, outgrown clothes, and shoes. Then I suddenly realized, Oh my god, I am totally going to have to paint this bathroom.

For anyone from the city, you know that the closer you are to the water the easier moisture builds up in your paint. Now, My mother in-law’s bathroom paint hasn’t been touched since 1977!! Needless to say, the thing was crying for help. I begrudgingly put on my mom pants (and a mask LMAO) and got to scrubbing the 14ft walls and ceilings by myself.

The next few hours were a blur. I remember I stopped to make cupcakes with my screaming kids, tape-prepped up the bathroom and then went and made dinner. The kids wanted Pizza so that’s what I made. Truthfully, I’m glad because my mom brain forgot to buy nuggets! (-aka- the biggest part of Lily’s dinner diet lol)

After feeding them, washing, books and finally bedtime, I was SO tired. I almost fell asleep right along with them. But, that bathroom wasn’t going to paint itself. I peeled myself off of the bed and went to it. Two and a half hours later, success! A bathroom that looked, well, like a typical bathroom. haha “oh well, looks better than it did” I said to myself. 

It was almost 11pm and I put the remainder of dinner away, laundry in the dryer and then went to wake up Kevin, who fell asleep on the recliner in the living room. We tucked into bed at almost midnight.

Now if you are still reading this, here is the good part. (get your mind out of the gutter lol) a little while later, I was awakened by a tiny arm reaching across my neck and pulling me close. “Mommy?” She whispered and kissed me on the cheek, “Mommy, my tummy is saying it’s hungry.” I look at the window..darkness. “baby, its still too early for breakfast.” i look for my phone because like most “Zennials” I use my phone as my watch. It’s dead. “okay, let’s be quiet though okay.” I go to climb out of bed and OH MY SWEET BABY JESUS. My upper body (well, pretty much my entire body) screams at me for doing too much work and not enough rest. I manage to stand up. “mommy..mommy can you carry me? my feet are still sleeping.” NO, DON’T DO IT!! My old lady bones shriek. She stands on the bed, arms out and I swoop her up. I slowly make our way to the kitchen and see 3:46am shining out from the stove. “oh my gosh, LILY! it’s only 3 in the morning baby! The sun is still asleep for another 3 wakes up at 6.” i count from 3 to 6 and she says “ohh, I’m so sorry mommy. I’m hungry and I have to go potty.”

So now I feel like shit for her apologizing for being hungry and take her to the bathroom, make her a peanut butter sandwich and a warm glass of milk. We sit quietly in the dark, with only the small overhead oven light on to see. She slowly eats her way thru the sandwich and quietly asks me if she can see the new bathroom before she goes back to sleep. umm, sure. 

I take her in and show her with my now partially charged phones flashlight. She was SO amazed. “Woow” she whisper yells at me “mommy, you did a great job..i just love it.” and hugs me. I thanked her and we went back to bed at 4:26. She stayed with me and snuggled into my aching arms, quickly falling back asleep. I looked at her, as her chest rose and fell and realized that no matter how incredibly sore I was from all that days work. Her little thank you and baby snuggles at 4am was the perfect band aid. 

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