Tuesday January 30th

I looked around on the district web site and I did find something about jobs being posted for 30 days. I don’t know if that actually means they don’t start interviewing until the 30 days are up, though. I really hope I will get an interview at least.  Okay, I just emailed Faith again. I hope she responds. And responds positively. I REALLY want this job! I know I would be great at it. I am feeling really anxious again- more yesterday than today, though. I am going to stay at this school until I get a job downtown or retire, which ever comes first. There is no need to move schools again. I will just stay here. I worked on my bills and finances this morning. I am going to try to get my shit together in that aspect again. I have been terrible about keeping up with stuff. I used to not be that way. I am going to get it together again. I am going to start writing down my monthly bills with the dates I paid them- using the tracking sheet I used before. I ordered myself that desk, so when I get it, maybe I get get my shit organized again. 

One thought on “Tuesday January 30th”

  1. I go into waves, some days, I’m on top of everything, then there are other days, it’s like I don’t care, I will catch up. haha. Hope the new desk helps out.

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