[181] ~*Wed – 01/31/18*~

[11:43 pm]

I can’t deal with this purple being this faded already. I texted my hairdresser so she can redo it tomorrow after work. Blah! Wasted a wash as I washed my hair last night and she will have to wash it again tomorrow. I just can’t deal with it as it’s the color on top of my head and it looks very bad. The pink looks good though so that’s one good thing. There wasn’t much bleeding or fading yet. I just feel it’s getting too much to keep this but I don’t want to stop just yet although I might have too cause it’s just getting too costly. I mean, I went three times in the spam of a month. I just don’t understand why the purple faded so bad this time as it normally stays pretty good for the whole two months. Of course it does fade but not this much. I mean, you look at the bottom of my hair and it’s so bright and pretty and then you look at the top of my head and of my gosh..

Anyways, I’m not sure if she expects money tomorrow and I don’t know how much I should pay her but yea. I’ve already spent an extra $40 and prob will give her another $20 for her work so that’s $60 extra on this darn head. Blah! I should shave my head like hub, would be way cheaper. I might ask her if we can put some purple in my shampoo or something and I’d just wash the purple part with it. 

So since it stormed yesterday, I had to shovel a bit today which I think I hurt myself. My side was doing way better from the coughing but it’s a bit sensible right now which is prob due to me trying to shovel so quick this morning.

I’ve started watching this game show from Ellen Degeneres and it’s just so damn funny. It’s called Game Of Games. Hilarious!

I should of gotten the garbage ready tonight but I feel too lazy for that so I’m hoping to wake up 15 mins earlier tomorrow to do it in hopes that they won’t come before I wake up cause my bin outside is super full from missing a few weeks. 

I just received an email saying my purse was delivered succesfully yet I haven’t received it. Weird! I wonder if it’s in the mailbox. I’ll have to go check tomorrow. 

That husband of mine is really a big spoil baby. I had asked him to clean the driveway today with the snowblower and of course the lock on the baby barn was frozen so he couldn’t do it. There’s always something where he escapes doing it. I told him there wasn’t much so he could of shoveled it but of course not. 

Oh well.. I guess I should get reading if I want to sleep pretty soon. 




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