Day 26

My next order of Nutrisystem came today! It was like Christmas! Definitely see all of the items helps with the value perception for sure. After the rough weekend, I was very focused to eat well today. 



-Breakfast: French toast (nutrisystem), peanut butter (powerfuel) and two servings of sugar-free maple syrup (2 extras). I prefer waffles so I did not order more french toast.

-AM Snack: I got busy working today and forgot to eat my snack.

-Lunch: Broccoli cheddar melt (nutrisystem) and two servings of vegetables. I was so hungry I ate it so fast. But still as delicious as the last time. I received a few of these in my next order.

-PM Snack: Chocolate caramel bar (nutrisystem). I had some extra snacks due to skipping them for cheat meals, etc. I ate it while unpacking the rest of the food so did not really notice much about the flavor. Seemed to be like any other granola bar. I would not order this again just because bars are not a good value.

-Dinner: Italian Sausage & Pepperoni Pizza (nutrisystem) and two servings of vegetables. This pizza never gets old. I added some red pepper flakes and it was so good. I received a few in my next order.

-Evening snack: Oatmeal chocolate chunk cookie (nutrisystem). Very good size. Clear taste of oatmeal. There was something else in the cookie that I could taste but not pinpoint. Probably would not order it again for that reason only.


I made sure to separate out my remaining food from this past month so I can get rid of the last choices I have been dreading. 

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