Good . to . be . busy

Yeah last week was busy!  I loved and enjoyed the busy but I got a boo boo ouchie.

This week I’ve been home mostly.  Working on work was good however today I feel under the weather.  My nose is either runny or plugged up.  Right side.   Left side.  Both sides lol fucking annoying.  My throat also hurts.  That really sucks.  I need pineapple juice.  Please remind me.  I don’t get sick very often.

My obsession with losing weight is still awesome after about 9 months.  Weight at 135.4 pounds this morning.  I been trying to stay away from 138 and get under 135.  Slowly I see my weight going down, it’s weird.  My face cheeks are slimmer, my stomach is actually concave and not pot belly anymore hahaha.  The stretch marks are Darius’s fault!  Sacrifice for my kid I guess.   I think I see parts of my body where skin is sagging from weight loss?  And when I touch my body I feel the curve of flesh and bone, instead of fat.  I like it but it’s weird.  I’m thinner than before high school time.

And it took years off my appearance!  Hey I think my feet lost weight because now my boots don’t hurt my feet and the only difference is the 45 pound weight loss yahooooooo

ok calm down don’t get too excited.  Unfortunately my boobs lost weight too!…

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