Be courageous. Speak your truth.

Each of us learn how to become unapologetically true to ourselves at different stages in our lives. Some quicker than others; some struggle more than others. The truth I’m referring to is that of which comes when living in truth with spiritual integrity. No, I’m not talking about man-made religion. I’m talking about the spiritual beings we are and the divine energy, God-given spirit that encompasses our very core.

Most, upon hearing the word ‘integrity,’ populates an image of a moral, ethical, stand up citizen. “Do the right thing when no one is looking-type of integrity.” While in living in this dimension, a person’s merit is based on their rights and wrongdoings. This type of integrity that humans seek just barely grazes the surface of how little humans understand their own true, endless, given potential.

It’s easy to judge the character of a person by the choices they make. He’s a good person. She, not so much. We’re taught and conditioned to recognize good OR bad behavior. It’s more difficult to stop and attempt to understand why they made that choice. What they were thinking? How were they feeling? Is this a result of repressed emotions? Guilt? How can I help them? This conditioning begins very early in age; at school, the workplace, church, etc. In a society based on instant gratification, the easy way is often the chosen common way. It’s no wonder why we have so many unhappy couples, disgruntled employees and confused children. We were always meant to be more, feel more, experience more, and become more.

When we learn to live in balance with our spiritual integrity, all that we come to know and understand about good vs. bad simply vanish. Those who are uncomfortable with it, deny it, or deny you, really weren’t for you. This will create conflict, shift relationships and paradigms, but is necessary to grow and ascend to your higher self. Once we shed the layers that society limits us to, we allow the most purest form of self love render it’s way back home inside our souls. This is where it belongs. So be courageous and speak your truth.

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