Time’s a waistin….

I want to divorce my husband.  Things have been terrible for years, not getting better…not going to get better.  He is addicted to prescription pills and no matter how many times I’ve asked him, no matter how many promises,  he won’t stop.  He also is addicted to smoking oils/dabbing.  10 years ago I would have adamantly declared that marijuana is not an addictive drug,  and maybe it really isn’t,  but my husband is 100% addicted.   So, between popping pills and hitting his pen, dabbing on his crystal meth looking device, or hitting a bong he is basically always fucked up.  I can’t stand looking at him or being near him when he is fucked up…i honestly want to punch him in his face.  Eyes barely open,  swaying, falling a sleep,  and scratching his fucking head.  I HATE WHEN HE SCRATCHES HIS FUCKING HEAD.   He is a loser and I deserve better…and so do our kids. 

One thought on “Time’s a waistin….”

  1. Just do it. For your kids, at least.
    What is stopping you for getting the divorce?

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