who i am

hi, I’m Erica and I am a 15 year old girl. don’t let my age fool you cause I know a lot of shit about the real world. yes I will be writing profanity in my journals so if you have a problem, I don’t care. I wanted to start doing this cause I have a voice that wants to be heard and this is the best possible way it will happen I guess. i live in Maryland and it is currently winter time here and we don’t get very much snow where I’m at and it sucks in a way cause i love to go sledding and get out of school cause i absolutely hate it with a fucking passion. i would quit but the school i go to you have to be 18 which is DUMB AS FUCKKKKKKKKKKK. it used to be where you could quit at 16 with a parents permission but they “changed” it. I think they lying though cause that’s the only high school around my area where they do it and if they did here they would do it to all the high schools in my district. That’s all i got to write about today but I’m sure ill be back tomorrow. Night everyone.

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