I heard your voice outside
the window that night
You were talking to her
The Ex-Guardian of The Isolated Castle
I heard my name mentioned…
This isn’t the first time
I get awaken
That night, she was mostly silent
trying to keep me locked within
again and again
Sssh…don’t say my name
or she’s the one to blame
You should’ve let me sleep
for I am her monster that creeps
carrying skeletons in her closet
ready to throw them all out
You should’ve let me sleep
Now it’s too late
I’m about to force her
to start digging the same old graves
even with her bare fingers
I know you’ve sensed me
but why set me free?
I’m a perfect trade for her composure
leaving her without a cure
You should’ve let me sleep
Never say my name
The old wounds have run too deep
inflicting her with endless shame…
(Jakarta, 15/10/2017 – 8:24 pm)

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