[182] ~*Thu – 02/01/18*~

[11:36 pm]

Can’t believe it’s already Feb. Where is the time going?! I had told myself I would start a few things with the new year but of course, didn’t start any of those.

Since I hadn’t done the garbage last night, I had to do it this morning and that was a terrible idea as I had to bring a lot to the curb. I was already exhausted before even starting work. Work was alright but gosh my day was busy.

I went out with my first client. I then did my grocery, hurried home to put it away and then go back out to get my second client. I also stopped to the mail between clients to see if my purse was there, which it was. Woohoo! I think I’m pretty pleased with it. I say “think” because I haven’t had time to change purses yet so I’m not too sure how it will look like once my stuff is in it. It’s a bit smaller than my current one but hub made me laugh. I told him I wasn’t sure if it was big enough as it looked smaller so he took a 2L of pop and put it in my purse and told me “It fits so it’s big enough”. Haha!

After I was done with my second client, I came back home and did some calls as I had to figure something out with the dentist and hub’s insurance. I like how it’s hub’s insurance and his appointment and all and I’m the one taking care of it. A real kid! I first had planned on going for a nap but no time for that as I also had to do a quick mystery shop.

I then went back out for my last client and then went to the hairdresser, AGAIN. She ended up doing more than just the purple and bleaching again to make sure it would take good so hopefully I will now be good for the next two months cause she charged me another $60 so that’s $200 on my hair in the past three weeks. This is just crazy! I hope it was just a one time thing that the purple decided to fade like it did or I will really have to stop doing my hair cause it’s too costly. I feel so bad to have spent all this money on my hair when hub barely spends any money on anything else than McDonald’s. Being a woman is too demanding.

Anyways, my hair is now looking great and I really do hope it will last for the next two months. I finally got my purse but I’m not even gonna be taking it now cause I don’t have the time to change everything around. I came back from the hairdresser and I had to do the paperwork for my shop, pay the bills and catch up on shows. I paid the bills and I wanted to cry so badly cause I had to pay $5000 on my credit card from the car and everything else for the past month. My account took a big hit.

I was meant to do the laundry tonight but no time for that. Time to read a lil and then sleepy time.




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