A Porch as Liminal Space (Dream Journal Reference)

        Afternoon of February 1, 2018. Thursday.


        “A Carport as Liminal Space” also links to this entry. The only potential difference relates to my personal history in mostly living in houses with large enclosed front porches in contrast to one house, in Cubitis, with a large carport by which access to both the front yard and backyard was inherent. (In contrast, the Rose Street apartment, on the second floor of a commercial building, with businesses on the first floor, only had a minimal public entry at the foot of the stairs.)

        “A Porch as Liminal Space” is one of my most common autosymbolic settings in the waking transition and has been as such since early childhood. A porch is autosymbolism for a specific level of unconsciousness, often rendered as the final setting in a dream when RAS mediation dominates the most. It is often triggered when my dream self, though often as a subliminal factor, wants to sustain the dream state (without viably remembering what a dream is), mainly as a RAS artefact from the otherwise lucid habit of “going outside” in childhood dreams due to it being a starting point for apex lucidity.

        In many cases, I have utilized my understanding of autosymbolism in semi-lucidity to vivify my dream into astounding apex lucidity by using a porch as an “entry point”, though always in going outside (which makes the term “entry point” sound ambiguous even though it is not), and augmenting my dream into incredible clarity. This is because such autosymbolism is rendered while closer to the emergent consciousness factor (the same factor of which gives a subliminal cue to my dream self to attempt to sustain my dream). Unfortunately, it also means that RAS mediation is likely to dominate by rendering the preconscious as personified, which sometimes results in “intruder” dreams.

        A porch represents liminal space regardless of which porch is rendered in my dream. Although my dream settings are always unique from dream to dream, there are cases where the porch of my present home is rendered in the last scene, though usually has a noticeable fictional aspect or different orientation (in conscious realization only, after waking). Sometimes the wrong porch is rendered with a particular previous home, or sometimes leads to a different location from where it did in real life.

        As with certain other autosymbolic settings (excluding such as a bedroom or bathroom), there is no connection to waking life or the conscious self identity other than when prescience is a factor. In other words, it is inherent to the condition of being unconscious while subliminally seeking to sustain the dream state in preference to becoming conscious. This is why RAS mediation is most likely to dominate this setting in the final stage of a dream, typically by being at the entry point of the porch or becoming an intruder on the porch, as waking is a biological necessity. However, depending on biological or environmental factors, my dream self is sometimes allowed to use this setting as a dream state augmentation factor. Again, this is only utilized by going outside, as going inside would place me closer to a dream state indicator such as a bedroom or bathroom; a bedroom to remind me that my physical body is asleep and thus cannot stay as such forever and a bathroom to remind me of the eventually inescapable biological need to use a toilet.

        A full understanding of this setting and its autosymbolic nature has brought me closer to mastering many levels of the dream state, even in non-lucidity.

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