Am i wrong for feeling these feelings

Sometimes i don’t know what to do about my relationship he always tells me i’m jealous and he tells other girls that im crazy jealous and controlling.I feel like i’m not.I pretty much allow him to do a lot of things.i give him his own freedom.I just don’t let him have girlfriends.Sometimes i feel disrespected in a way.He looks at other girls butt while he’s around me and it makes me feel insecure  and makes me feel like what i have wont be enough and maybe i’m overthinking but that’s just how i feel. We’ve had issues before with him telling females about our relationship (about me). I was honestly going to break up with him because i was finding out from different people that he was going behind my back and running his mouth about me.Maybe im too sensitive.He tells me he loves me but like he always wants to have sex and i wanted to be abstinence and he turned it into a big deal,then after i was upset about him being a dick to me about my decision he finally gave in and pretty much pulled the “whatever makes you happy” card. Its my last year of high school i graduate in 4 months and sometimes i contemplate about keeping him around.I love him beyond words and i’m always there when he needs me an we’ve been through so much but idk just sometimes i feel like enough is enough and then other times i want him around.Would friends work for us? I’m not sure  

I have trust issues because of my past and also i’m insecure because i’ve always gotten made fun of but he constantly tells me “he loves me” and tells me how beautiful i am and how he “cant wait to spend the rest of is life with me” and can’t wait for us to have a “family together”.I don’t know just sometimes i feel like i’m not good enough for him and that other girls are better than me,so i don’t know why i feel the way i do .

is this even worth it?

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  1. Nothing is wrong with you. Nobody wants to be told “I love you” and then seeing him look at other girls. I get the sight is only natural, but you don’t have to stare or make it super obvious around the person you love. There’s this thing called respect. If someone really loves you they won’t give you a reason to doubt it. And if they’re they right one, you wouldn’t be doubting it.
    Do not let guys make you feel like you’re “crazy” or “overly sensitive.” What you feel is valid and should not be brushed aside to mean nothing.

  2. i would dump his assssss. Girl you can do better. If he’s running his mouth behind your back that should say enough. You’re graduating soon, so focus on that. Forget that lame hoe.

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