Day 27

Looking back at this week, I am disappointed in myself. I had one more cheat meal than I was supposed to and never made it to the gym. Granted, this is my fourth week on the program so I might just be at a low point and need to regain the motivation again. I am really hoping work slows down next week so I don’t feel stressed all the time. The stress increases my cravings & makes me super lazy. We will see. I can’t wait to get rid of the last few items from this month’s shipment. Today’s food were mostly items I do not care for.


-Breakfast: Peanut butter granola bar (nutrisystem), low fat milk (power fuel), and sugar free chocolate syrup (extra). This is exactly what you would expect from a peanut butter granola bar. Very low value perception though. I would not order this again.

-AM Snack: Unsalted dry roasted peanuts (power fuel).

-Lunch: Chicken noodle soup (nutrisystem) and two servings of vegetables. As noted before, I overall do not like chicken noodle soup, but as chicken noodle soup goes, this is good. This was the last one I had in my order and I will not order it again due to my personal preferences only.

-PM Snack: wheat bread (smart carb) and low fat colby jack cheese (power fuel)

-Dinner: Ravioli formaggio (nutrisystem) and two servings of vegetables. I love the actual taste of the ravioli and the cheese inside but there is something super off about the sauce that I cannot pin point. As noted before, with only giving 5 raviolis, definitely not a good value perception. I will not be ordering this again.

-Evening snack: Orange creme bar (nutrisystem). OH.MY.GOSH. This was the best! Tasted just like an orange dreamsicle. The value was definitely there as it was a decent sized bar. I did not have this in my next order that just got shipped but might add it to next month.

I have one more day to conclude my first month on Nutrisystem. I am going to 100% not stray from the program tomorrow to finish strong. On Friday, I will do my official week & month weigh in as well as take measurements. I have not checked my measurements since I started the program so that will be interesting to see. Good news is, there is only one item I am not looking forward to for food tomorrow. That should help stay on track. I will have a few items left over due to extra flex meals beyond what is required. I think I have one lunch item & one dinner item left from my order. My husband has only had one of the mistake items that came originally & my friend has one. We still have 4 items in our refrigerator that can be eaten by someone else (due to my picky eating). 


I also delayed my third month shipping. I am going on vacation the end of February and it would be delivered while I was gone. What is nice is that Nutrisystem allows you to delay your next order up to 60 days later. I have it set to process the day I am coming home so hopefully will only be two days to wait. I should have more than enough items left over though since I will be gone for some of the days. This will be good to get right back on track after vacation.


Lastly, Nutrisystem surprised me with an offer for a free 7 day pack of the turboshakes (a $25 value). When added to my auto delivery order, it is completely free. I have had other offers in the past but did not realize how to redeem them so that is kind of a bummer. But it is nice that they do give these special offers. Just helps the value perception become even better.

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  1. Thanks for the comment the other day. I caught up with your entries today, I had not been on much the past few days. I love reading your reviews of the foods, and your “what I ate today’s” in your diary. I feel like if I decide to order from the site I will have a decent idea of what the different menu items are like thanks to your journal. The 5day boxes from walmart only have 2 different sets of choices and are filled w/ lots of breakfast bars/cheaper menu items. The good stuff seems to be on the site.

    I hope your work settles down so that this is easier for you.

    And I hope you will have fun on your upcoming vacation 🙂

  2. I’m glad to hear my food descriptions and reviews are helping give a bit of insight. That was my first intention with creating this diary. However, it was originally just for my friends & family to see if it would be a good system for them but I’m glad it’s reaching beyond them. I really hope work slows down too. Looking at my upcoming schedule I basically just have to get through next week and then it should. I am super excited for vacation!!

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