Stuck in a cycle

I’m stuck in the cycle of working from home at least once a week. My job allows working from when needed but not to take the piss with it. I have not been in the office a whole week these year. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I get so much fear about going to work that I just can’t do it. I have used so many excuses to work from home that I’m sure people don’t believe me. This in turn makes me dread going in even more.


When I’m in work I’m fine. Walking home from work I feel fine. It’s when I wake up. I just have this fear that I can’t explain. 


I hide this from my wife. Sometimes I tell her I’m working from home but other times I lie to her too. Usually she would get home before me so I have to make excuses etc. Internet broke at work so we left early. I even once left the house about 5 mins before she came home and walked round the block with my work bag.

writing this down makes me think I’m actually crazy, why would I do that? 

I need to get out of this cycle. 

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