The Absurd

If I were to say that the world is devoid of purpose, the self, a void and that outside my capacity of viewing lays a world of its own. A world where neither light nor darkness exist. But,  instead there is nothing other than a molecular universe chained to universal laws and eternity. You may very well laugh and call me pessimistic as such a way of perceiving life is undoubtedly grim. However, it is one we all face when we attempt to cross the borders and grapple with truth, when we press ourselves to question our own reality and then attempt to re-create our mental image of the universe based on true premises. 

Between the mediation problem and the inability to know oneself outside of the concepts that are given to us, do not all people enthralled with philosophy hit a dead and an resort to Nietzsche for salvation. Not that Nietzsche saves anyone, but that he allows us to give up and accentuates the hopelessness of control, truth in morality and freedom.

For what does Philosophy due but awaken us to a world of contradictions. When I flick my lighter to have a cigarette I see light, but I am also aware that light is, in itself an illusion.  That the moral systems, any moral judgement, is based on a premise that can be refuted, and if it can be refuted (lacking the certainty of self-evidence) lacks the capacity for absolutism. What does questioning everything do but lead us to ignorance and forever force us to remain in the dead of night in the middle of a northern winter. 



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