Yearly influx!

If you’re not in the loop (or don’t have an inclination to be). This time of year is a single working moms dream! Yes ladies and gentlemen it’s tax season! 

I myself mostly pay overdue bills and buy household or child items I can’t afford normally. Which often leaves me at an impasse. 

Im 50% exited to be debt free for at least 60-90 days and 50% embarrasses that I fall into the stereotypes associated with a tax refund and a single mom. 

Its sad I know but I am a ball of contradictions I accept that. 

I love the temporary economic position I lunge into allowing me to pay bills without worrying about dinner and buy my sons shoes or clothes they’ve needed but couldn’t get because I had to refocus my budget. 

But I hate the stigma of it too. Now that I’m working steadily tax season is not such a big deal. But when I didn’t work OH IT WAS EVERYTHING! Electric company PAID! Water company PAID! Oh you like those shoes honey SOLD! No we don’t need the receipt! 


Smh lol yes that was me! Like an idiot no long term investments. No saving for future emergencies. No rainy day fund. Just ring it up! Regular be damned! We’re happy for the moment 😊

Looking back, I’ve gotten a refund every year since I was 19. It would’ve been 18, but I had a friend who educated me on the “self employment” and earned income credit and advised me to add up funds from any little side work I did and file on it. 

This led me to guilt trip my mom into no longer filing me and my children and from 19 on I was filing. If I add it up, over the last 10 years I’ve gotten back an average of 5k a year during tax season. 

That times 10 is 50k… now had I been smart and saved or flipped that money in the market (during good market years) I might be a millionaire by now smh. 

But here’s the kicker… during election season I posted a status on fb stating, “You may not like Donald Trump, but he IS a businessman! If he’s elected the stock market will flourish I guarantee!” 

Cut to now and bit bit coins are a real form of payment. And the market is on a steady rise. And I haven’t invested a penny. 

I’m sure you’re wondering what I plan to do with my taxes this year? 

Well, I have some unpaid tickets I want to take care of. The water bill and my house taxes are behind. And I finally want to do a family vacation. Those are the three major goals. 

Work had helped making sure the kids have all hey need and most of the bills stay on track but for the bills that are not easily paid with over the phone or online avenues I often struggle. 

Mind you, I have set out numerous times to pay tickets only to find out oh no you have to go to court for this. No… I have to work. HOLD. With the water company you have to pay the full past due balance just to get out of shut off status. All I afford to maintain is my monthly usage. They don’t offer payment plans and the assistance they do offer want you to come to an office and fill out a million forms. Again I can’t miss work, HOLD. And with my taxes I haven’t gotten a system for them yet because this house was left to me by my grandmother when she passed. 

The house was just transferred into my name last summer with 3000 in past due taxes. There is a program where you can get on a payment plan but again. YOU HAVE TO COME TO AN OFFICE AND SIGN UP. I need to work! HOLD. 

With my taxes refund in tow a day off work and a day short on my pay check won’t hurt as bad on the budget. So soon…. Oh God soon these things will not be looming in the back of my head like a small furious stress monster trying to kill me! 

So yes I benefit from the tax season, but I hate the memes and statuses about single moms and how people assume we will suddenly have 30 inches of fake hair and nails and quit our jobs and be hanging out and spending money on no good men until the well runs dry a couple of weeks later. 

During tax season I actually draw back from social media. All the berating and belittling of us because we work and provide for our children and once a year get a piece of our money back and may or may not splurge is too much.

I see those stats and memes and want to comment soooooo bad to say HEY FUCK YOU! I worked all years and for many years. I get no assistance from any fathers and this helps us get back on track! My son smiled because he had the shoes he wanted for once rather than the economical ones I normally have to settle for. My baby didn’t cry but lit up when I could actually say YES to a Toy in the store! 

Fuck off! It’s not as easy for everyone. And yes, some take advantage, but not all! 

Don’t judge us! We want to be happy and debt free too! 

Even if it’s fleeting… 


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