[183] ~*Fri – 02/02/18*~

[11:25 pm]

I have a problem. I went to the Casino tonight cause my friend wanted me to go play for her. It was storming so I wasn’t gonna go but then I told myself “Maybe this could be the time I win something.” so I went. I got $10 and of course, didn’t win anything. I felt like I went all the way there for nothing so I decided to play $10 of my own money. I was leaving but decided to try my luck again on another machine so I put $20 more and.. nada! Arg! I used to go there, play the free money and leave. Now I just want to keep playing. Blah!

So yea, work wasn’t too bad today beside the fact that it started storming so I took my last client home a bit early cause I didn’t like being on the roads with him as I wouldn’t want to get into an accident with a client. The weather is just crazy. One min it was raining, the next snowing, the next storming. In the lapse of 20 mins the temp went from 9 to 1. I just don’t like this weather cause the windows are always getting foggy and you can’t see a damn thing unless you put the heat full blast but then it’s too hot in the car.

Hub is once again a big baby. One of his pair of Jeans ripped the other day so of course he asked me to go buy him new ones. Isn’t he old enough to go buy himself some damn pants?! That man can’t do a darn thing. I honestly don’t know what he would do without me. So me being me, I went out and bought him three pairs. He’s so spoiled! He called me on his break and said he had good news. He worked it out so he can get Mon-Tue-Wed off.  Woohoo! I rather have him have Mon than Thu off. He also said he would go to work on his third day off to make some extra hours. I sure hope he does it cause we need to work on our savings as it went down a bit with the car and everything.

I didn’t think I would of been doing anything tonight but I did the laundry, watched some shows, played on my farming game, did the dishes and took a nice relaxing bath. Now I’ll be watching one last show before going to bed. I plan on putting the laundry away before but as most of the time, who knows if I’ll really do it. As far as reading before bed, I’ll have to settle with reading on my phone or tablet as I don’t have any books. I took the ones I had finished to the library today but didn’t take the time to get some more. I think this is the first time I am without books and I’ll have to wait till Mon to go get some more. Oh well..




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