My nephew runs his mouth to me EVERY FUCKING DAY and tells me to shut up every time I see him or calls me names or tells me how I owe everyone if they even get me anything and my niece she can be ok sometimes but 99% of the time shes a brat from hell. All she does is scream or call you names or don’t wanna listen to you at all like they don’t give a fuck and my nephew makes commands soon as he walks through the door like he owns the place and everyone here he talks to me like shit but not my brother or dad. Everyone treats me like SHIT here my mom argues and bitches me out about telling her I want them to go home or being annoyed living here she should get where i’m coming from BUT NO she doesn’t. My mom doesn’t care she lets them come here my parents let those kids talk however they want they don’t care if they talk to me or treat me like shit. It gets VERY old because i’m 23 but I still get treated like a child or like i’m a piece of shit I can’t go out a day without feeling like shit at the end of it. I’m shaking so badly when I get extremely upset and usually end up crying like I am now but when I cry in front of them they call me whiny but honestly they don’t understand how I feel and never will. I want my own place bad and my own money because constantly being talked to like you’re a fucking child or a complete piece of shit makes you feel like crap you think more and more about suicide every time and honestly if I did it only one who would have a smudge bit of hurt or sadness or regret is my mom.
The rest of them would probably laugh or be normal it wouldn’t bother them or if it did they’d get over it by the end of the day or by end of the week trust me.

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