How to Test The Hardness of Your Water

You still need to check the condition of your water softener system before you confidently think that your water is already soft. There are times where your water softener might not be maintained anymore. That’s why you need to check the hardness of your water.

To do so, you will only need a clean empty bottle, liquid soap and your water. Put water on the bottle until it’s 1/3 full. Apply two to three drops of liquid soap and shake the bottle. If there is a lack of foamy or fluffy bubbles or if the water looks somewhat hazy or cloudy, then that is a huge sign of hard water at your home.

Once this happens if you have a water softener in your house, that could mean trouble because your water filtration system might have a problem. So contact services like or fix the water softener by yourself if you can do the job.

Your own water supply must be monitored at all times to ensure safety for your drinking needs. That’s why this simple tip will surely help you out.

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