I have nothing much to offer

I don’t wear fancy clothes. I don’t go to the spa. I don’t get my nails done every week. I don’t put on expensive perfume. I don’t apply sunscreen when I go out. I don’t apply anything on my skin before going to bed. I don’t wear bikinis at the beach. I don’t show off my body like most of the girls do.

You see, I have nothing much to offer.

I spend 5 days a week at home with my three dogs. Basically wake up 2:30 in the afternoon, take a bath at 5, log in for work at 6pm to 2am. On Saturday nights, I don’t go to the bar or hang out with my girls really often, instead, I go to church for practice. Yeah, that’s what I do. I sing at church on Saturday night and on Sundays, I spend almost the whole day at church. You can say I’m a church girl who grew up in a Christian family.

Am I boring? Probably yes.

I don’t initiate conversations. I’m the most quiet person around strangers. I find myself stuck in awkward situations when I try to socialize.

I have only few friends.

I love too much. That’s my problem.

I am one of those few people who go out of their way for somebody else’s good and I am selfless.

When I try to get at least what I deserve, I feel selfish.

I have nothing much to offer but I love the way I do.

I will write song for you

I will bake and cook for you, make you breakfast and coffee, pack lunch for you and prepare delicious dinner when you get home. Whatever you like.

I will kiss you goodnight and tell you how much I love you, I pretty much do the same thing in the morning when you wake up.

I have nothing much to offer. This is my life and it’s not as exciting as you expect.

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