Open letter to my ‘Almost’…..

To my almost,

Maybe you’re wondering why there are days I talk to you the entire day, other days I talk to you until 2am when our eyes are both tired and there are days I just don’t talk to you at all. The truth is, I’m scared. Remember when I told you about how I love? I love 100%. I give and do everything I could and while that might be a beautiful thing for some, it scares me.

I haven’t seen you but you know what? I could even travel miles for you. I haven’t touched you but I can let go of everything just to hold you. I could leave everything behind and be happy with you and it scares me.

Would you love me the same?

It scares me.

What if I give you a permanent place in my heart but to you, I’m just another temporary girl?

I wanted to tell you everything.

But it scares me.


Your almost.

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