Thursday February 1st

The job I wanted is no longer posted on the web site. Ugh. I don’t know what that means. It wasn’t up there for 30 days. It was posted on the 9th. I emailed the person Iasked about it last week to find out if it had been filled, but she didn’t respond. It’s really frustrating/depressing. I was afraid to hope that I might get it, and now I know I shouldn’t have hoped. It’s so unfair. I know I was just as qualified as anyone who applied, but I didn’t even get to interview. And Faith sent that email saying, “I will be in contact.” Why would she send that if I didn’t have a chance? What the absolute fuck? All my dreams of a nice house down the fucking tubes. It was going to be like winning the lottery for me. The only opportunity I would have to get a job like that making that much money. I don’t even feel like writing, I’m so bummed out by it. I’m tired and I think I might begging sick. 

I will read the board minutes the next couple of months and figure out who got those jobs. 

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