[184.1] ~*Sat – 02/03/18*~

[11:38 pm]

I’m mad at myself. I went to the Casino thinking my friend had some free money tonight but turned out she didn’t. Mom had $15 so I played that which I could of taken out $20 but nope, decided to keep playing. I also tried $10 of my own money and nothing. I decided I felt lucky and wanted to go to Jack’s to try and win my money back. I put $20 and lost it. Hub had called me so I was talking to him and asked him if I should play another $20 and he said sure so of course I did. Arg! So I lost $50. This is adding up to a big number so I’m done. I can’t keep doing this or I will start having a real problem soon. It’s making me depressed just to think about it and mad at myself but then again, not as bad as if I would of went out and drank or what not.

So yea, beside my big failure, I went to see Den Of Thieves which I was pretty sure I was going to fall asleep as I didn’t nap but to my surprise I didn’t and I enjoyed the movie. It was like two and a half hour long so I was for sure I’d sleep but I didn’t so I’m proud of myself. I’ve been doing good with not sleeping at the movies.

I wanted to change purses tonight but I got home late so I decided to do it tomorrow. I also haven’t put away the laundry but I did do the dishes as hub made us food. Talking about hub, he’s starting over night tomorrow and I’m still not sure how I feel about it. I’ve gotten used to having him home during the night. We shall see.

I’m still debating on emailing the company that did our windows and doors as the garden door is still frosting up at the bottom and I’m not sure if it’s normal or not at this point as it is newly installed. I think I might take a pic and send it to them just to make sure. I just don’t really want them working on the doors again. Too stressful!

I hadn’t talked to my friend since Wed night and I had decided not to contact her this time to see if she’d contact me for once. SHE DID! I was shocked. She emailed me and that made me super happy that for once she contacted me first. I wanted to go see her tomorrow to show her my new purse. Haha! I haven’t changed it yet so I don’t know. She’s been telling me to get a new purse for months and I finally did.

Anyways, it’s getting late and I want to do some reading before sleeping so I should get to that. 




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