[184] ~*Sat – 02/03/18*~

[1:52 pm]

When you use the remote to start the car and it doesn’t start, that’s when you know it’s super cold outside. This morning wasn’t a great one. I was tired so I decided to stay in bed an extra 10 mins which made me late of 10 mins. I got out of bed, tried to start the car with the remote but it didn’t work as it was too cold so I had to get somewhat dressed, go outside and actually start the car. Come back in the house and actual get dress and do my hair. It was so freaking cold outside. I did manage to go to the store I wanted to go to in the mall with my client. I wanted to suggest the mall to her so I could go to it but she suggested it herself so that was even better. I had checked online for a wallet like I wanted but couldn’t find anything at all so I really wanted to go to that store cause I knew they had some. They had a bunch but for some reason I didn’t like the way it was made inside beside this only one. I didn’t really wanted that one cause there were so many pretty ones but I finally took the one that was randomly by itself cause it was made like I wanted inside and it was like $13 cheaper than the other ones. There’s a lil scratch on it which is driving me a bit nuts cause it’s new and it’s already scratched but I’m telling myself that I only paid $13 for it.

After I was done with my client I sorta wanted to go to the Casino to play my friend’s money but decided I’d be going later after I’d be done with my second client. I came back home and started changing purses but then stopped cause I don’t know.. I don’t like changes so yea.. wasn’t sure if I was ready to change purse yet. Stupid me! I’m just so used of where things are in the one I currently use that I need to figure out where I’m putting stuff in the new one. I also need to figure out the new wallet as it’s super small compared to my old one. I did wanted a smaller wallet cause I was finding mine too big and taking too much space in my purse but now I’m not too sure cause in the one I’m currently using, I kinda hide extra money in a place or two in it but I surely won’t be able to do that with the new one cause there isn’t any space. Lol! I guess I’ll figure it out. I most definitely will throw away my old purse cause it’s just awful how used it is but I won’t throw away my wallet just in case. I’ve had the wallet for way longer than the purse but it’s still in good shape although it got its wear. I mean, hub got me that wallet like 14 yrs ago so yea, maybe time I let go of it. I hate how I put some feelings into things, like me not wanting to get rid of the wallet cause hub’s the one that got it for me. 

Anyways, I should prob eat now if I want to do that before going back out for my next client.




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