Confessions of a Risin’ Star

(Above Pic: inside of 1 of the new cars I attained)

(Listening to Rock-Star by Post Malone ft. 21 Savage) 

A lot has transpired, while a lot was (and still is) aspired…It’s the trade off, ya know? In order to attain, there’s simply things you’ll have to, endure. It’s ‘the game’… 

The most recent vessel of jealousy (that I can recall) was a familiar one. Either way, the strength from all this (so called) success, modes me unscathed. Bottom line, I’ve just overcome way too much. S*** like such, just does n’t matter…Eventually, you just graduate to a level of crystallizing, results. In a way, I guess, we all do. But I suppose for a star, it’s more trill, cuz you realize it. It’s called creating your own path, living your (own) dream, (and) really knowing yourself…

I’ll admit, I was a tad anxious, amid this ease with which the echelon of women I entertain elevated. It’s not that I have n’t always had that attractive quality, I just had n’t quite yet, tapped into my ennui about it, like stardom forces one to. 

It’s a place I like, and adore even. It’s very clear, surreal, and stupendously unhinged. Truth be told, the influx of attaining, is n’t the true jewel the monster called wealth has morphed  it to be. I mean, you can only attain so much, before you realize it’s fulfilling, eventually feels rather, futile. That reality alone, promotes both an inner stillness & seperate from a lot, even if you like it or not. 

That place I speak of, has been there for awhile, but honestly, it’s evolving further. It was prophesied it would. It was wished that it would. It was even pretended (by some, including myself at times) that it would n’t. But, the universe listens….

Bottom line, (and this will sound rock-starrish) but I don’t care, or it just does n’t really matter. After a while, you see so much that you just, decide to become, or be. In that light, all this success s*** is a recipe for life and merely being human. 

Jus be. It’s truly enough, yo’…

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