First time for everything

Hello peeps,

So this is my first time on this site, honestly just looking for a way to let out all my stories and thoughts whether they be about my life or the world that we live in. 

I would consider myself to be a very open and adventurous person. I’m a city raised kid whose living in a smaller city which others would consider the country. I’ve been trying to get in as many ‘country’ experiences as possible over the past couple years so I think I’m getting there 😉 

I’ve always thought about writing a book but I guess I’m going to see how this goes first and see if anyone’s interested in hearing about my life experiences. I’m going to make a few posts soon but I had one question! Those of you who read these; would you rather read short versions or long versions of things? 🙂 ( I will be writing about my days but if people are going to be reading then I definitely need to fill everyone in first)

Thanks guys ! Not sure how this works but if you can follow people or subscribe to certain journals then I would recommend to follow ! I’m a very interesting individual, I promise 😉


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