Well I guess this is my first journal I don’t really know what to put in here so I’ll start with basics. My name is Samantha I’m 13 and a bit depressed. I plan on writing my days in this journal for a bit, something to pass the time. A little about me – I like to draw, on that note I might as well go ahead and tell you I’m a furry. I want to play hockey, I mean who wouldn’t want an excuse to punch someone in the face (not really). I love Canada, I may not live there but I respect the country. I’m in band I play flute, but I plan on going into color guard. I don’t really know what else to put and I definitely need to get better at my grammar. That’s all I guess I’ll think of something later ciao~

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  1. Welcome Samantha!! Looking forward to see your journals 🙂

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