My Saturday Post

Once again, I post on a Saturday. I don’t have much time during the week, always on the run, between work, home chores, just basically on the go. So far, the week was okay. I know that Super Blue Blood Moon or what ever it was called, sure messed with me on Tuesday. I was so unbelievably tired. Ass dragging tired. I went to bed my normal time, I got up at my normal time, but I was just tired all day long. Weird I know.

Not much happening when it comes to work. My rock star co-worker is almost done. Her last day is Feb. 7th. My boss, has not hired anyone to replace her just yet; not that I am aware of anyway.  All I can say, quite possibly the weekend OF Feb 7th, which is Feb 10 & 11, my fears will be a reality. By fears, I mean…on Feb 9th, I will be in TGIF mode, but fear the Saturday and Sunday mode at the same time, for my phone may just ring and ring, for the boss to call me in because she can’t handle working. Which was the case of last weekend. She called me, I did not answer. NOW, IF my boss would give me a heads up that she wanted me to come in, like telling me on Friday, before I leave work for the weekend, I would not have an issue working or covering a weekend. That  way, I can get my “this place is pissing me off” tantrum, over and done with. LOL, but NO…we have to call when my eyes are barely open long enough from a nights sleep, before you call me in. Not gonna fly Ms. Boss lady. I won’t answer.

I need to go and get something done before my entire day is wasted. I feel better and more productive when I actually get out of the bathrobe and shower.

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