2/3/18 — Parade & Pizza

Living in southern Louisiana, Mardi Gras is kind of a big deal. On February 2nd, which was yesterday, I was invited by my friend group to go to one of the first parades in my city. And…it was pretty awesome. By far one of my best parade experiences ever. You know, when a pack of beads didn’t come flying at my crotch. That was not enjoyable. I like pain but, like, no. After the parade we went to Dominos, ordered six pizzas, and went back to one of our friends’ places to sleep.

Man, do I really love these friends. It’s weird though, because I’m the only one of them out of high school. There were nine of us in total. A majority of them are seventeen, one or two is sixteen I believe, and one is eighteen, making me the oldest, at nineteen. These are friends I don’t see too often. Between them going to school, some of them working, and all of them living a fair distance away, I don’t really get to see them much. But we occasionally come together for specific events. Two birthday parties, a Halloween party, a Christmas party, and now for Mardi Gras. The person whose house we go to, he’s joining the U.S. Air Force, and will be leaving after he graduates. So we only have so long before we can no longer have these amazing parties at his place.

This was definitely an amazing start to the second month of the year. I live for the moments I get to spend with friends, especially those I can’t see as often as I would like. They are pretty amazing people, and accept me for who I am. One’s even a lesbian and another guy is bisexual so it’s not like I’m the odd one out.

Just felt like rambling on about this pretty great experience. Gotta fill this journal somehow. I think I’m getting the hang of this thing. I know this site is “Goodnight Journal” and it’s clearly day where I am, but who gives a flying fuck!

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