The Bitch Will Rise

I have recently discovered things I really kinda already knew. Only now I have the proof I needed. Am I surprised at what I read? Nah, everyone is fake in this world and it’s my job as a mother to make sure that doesn’t happen to my kids. I am told I am a weak mother that I don’t discipline well. Sorry, but beating my child to death isn’t the only solution. Have you seen what goes on now in the world? You don’t even touch your child and the ACS is knocking at your door. Like some people say, false accusations right? Been there before. Accused of punching my daughter when I was just arriving from work. WOW!! Then the whole world hearing the same lie comforting the liar. Luckily when people see that you love your children dearly well I don’t give a shit whatever “THOSE ASSHOLES THINK” but by what ACS thinks. Funny how 2 Years later and my how the tables have turned only this time you’re being accused of calling ACS? HAHAHAHAHAHA sorry, I don’t stoop that low to levels. Love how people feel stupid in the end. And I’m sure those same people that were texted the first time are texted again hence why they don’t talk to me (NOT THAT I GIVE A SHIT) because in the end, people will feel stupid when the truth comes out. So what do I do? Like they say keep your friends close but enemies closer. You can play the sneaky player on me but I am one step ahead. Always have and always will. Everything I do is for my children. I am not Miss perfect mom or a hairdresser or whatever but  I make mistakes and learn from them. I WILL NOT allow anyone to play with my emotions or give me anxiety unless it’s my kids and their behavior problems and AUTISM and ADHD. I’m ready for battle. Someday I will explain to my kids what I did and why I did for the right reasons. It’s like they say you play in the lion’s den hoping that you get out alive. AND BY GOD I WILL!! Let the motherfuckers call me a BITCH but one thing these BITCHES don’t have on me is I WILL RISE HIGHER than they ever will. I fight battles I get scars and I always come out alive. 

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