I find myself constantly tortured with the exact moment I broke beyond repair. I cant seem to pin down that moment just yet but im constantly searching for it.  I guess i feel like if i can figure out when it happened, what the action or words were that finally crushed me into a billion tiny pieces, maybe just maybe, i can fix it.  It so hard to feel like the only things you want in the world dont exist. Like youre chasing a dream or an idea that literally doesnt exist. A unicorn if you will. I love unicorns.  I just want to not feel so empty and broken. I want to wake up and be happy I did. I want to believe that there are people with good intentions, people who are kind and caring and genuine. I want to not feel like im so out of my element, like a fish on land. I just dont belong anywhere. I just need to not be broken, because the longer those pieces lay scattered all around, the more chance i have of losing them forever. If i lose them how am i ever to be whole again. 


i cant do this.

2 thoughts on “Broken”

  1. Jesus is real. And He is keeping all those pieces safely in His two hands, with love. He will mend you. And when he does, you’ll be better and happier than ever. Talk to Him. I love you.

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