Day 28, 29, 30

So completely forgot to log on Thursday and Friday. To be fair, I fell asleep at 9 pm on Thursday and yesterday I fell asleep watching TV. So, not intentional.

Thursday Food:

-Breakfast: Pancakes (nutrisystem), peanut butter (power fuel) and sugar free maple syrup (2 extras).

-AM Snack: Unsalted dry roasted peanuts (PF)

-Lunch: Grilled chicken sandwich (NS), mayo (1 extra) and 2 servings of vegetables. I really have to make sure this is fully cooked before eating. Usually, its the middle that takes forever to heat up so that was all I tested before eating. But the outside of the chicken was still cold. I was so hungry I did not want to wait though.

-PM Snack: Wheat bread (smart carb) and low fat colby jack (PF).

-Dinner: Hearty beef stew (NS) and 2 servings of vegetables. This was the last one I had so just had to finish it. Not horrible but not great.

-Evening Snack: Nutrichocolates (NS). These were bite sized chocolate morsels. Sounds delish and the bag showed a lot of them so good value perception. But then, the taste just ruined it. It tasted like the same chocolate flavor from protein shakes. Would not order these again.

I followed the program to a tee today to finish out the week/month strong. Friday morning I did the official week & month weigh in. I lost 1.4 lbs from the week before, totaling 10lbs exactly lost in a month. So glad I hit my goal. This means I will get a NutriBear (basically a Beanie Baby) with my next order. I also took my measurements and lost a total of 5 inches throughout my body. Most of it was in my bust, waist and hips. Super happy about my first month & excited for next month. I am nervous though because I have three weeks before my cruise and I know I will gain weight. Basically, what I lose in the next three weeks will just offset what I gain. 

Friday Food:

-Breakfast: Strawberry cheese crepe (NS), low fat milk (PF) and sugar free chocolate syrup (1 extra). I was super excited to try this and actually got 3 in this order because I thought it would be delicious. It was such a disappointment. Size was a good value but the crepe & the strawberry & cheese flavor was non-existent. Because of the lack of flavor, I noticed the texture more than I would have. Basically, I had to chase the crepe with my milk. I did not even finish it. Will not order it again. Might have to try something different with the other two I already have.

-I skipped the AM snack.

-Lunch: Work had a chip & dip day so I had a small bit of chili cheese queso, bean dip, buffalo chicken dip and funfetti dip. I did not have a lot so I would not consider this a full cheat meal.

-I skipped the PM snack because I was still full from the dips.

-Dinner: I was going to flex my dinner on Saturday & have my one full on cheat meal for the week but plans changed & I ended up having Moe’s for dinner for my weekly cheat meal.

-I skipped the evening snack due to the cheat dinner.

Today’s food:

-Breakfast: Cinnamon bun (NS), low fat milk (PF) and sugar free chocolate syrup (extra). This is not to be confused with the delicious frozen cinnamon roll I loved so much. This was a pantry item and it was so small it was almost laughable. I ate it in 2 bites. Someone could have eaten in one. As far as taste, it was good but the value perception was horrible. I have two more of them but made sure I switched to the frozen kind for next order.

-AM snack: Tuna (PF) and light mayo (extra).

-Lunch: Three cheese chicken pasta (NS) and 2 servings of vegetables. I have not had this since the first week and still as delicious. I have one more of these this month I believe.

-PM snack: wheat bread (SC) and peanut butter (PF).

-Dinner: Fiesta mac n cheese (NS) and 2 servings of vegetables. Great as ever and I have two more this order.

-Evening snack: Red velvet whoopie pie (NS). This was super flavorful and delicious. But, value perception was not there. Only a few bites. Would not order this again only due to value. 

I did not make it to the gym today but for sure will tomorrow.

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  1. Congrats on hitting your goal this month!! You are helping me to stay motivated.

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