its been a while since i posted.

a lot has happened in a short time. 

to keep it light.

i spend the holidays with ayato in japan. it was so fucking beautiful. and had some pretty good times. 

afterwards we went to vegas  and got into a lot of trouble. but all in good fun. 

i got into a huge fight with my parents because i kind of…. dropped them. i dont really communicate with them. they got really pissed. we’re not really in a good place. 

now back in berkeley at school. kinda bored but we’re already planning on going back to vegas with the friends for a weekend trip. it kinda sucks that all we do is drink, i thought i had partied enough in undergrad, but its a lot of fun with ayato’s friends. i say it sucks because i wanted to slow down with some of those bad vices, but i cant quite seem to. 

also, ayato and i have a “relationship” i guess you could call it? i don’t know. its complicated. i dont want love or a “real” relationship EVER FUCKING EVER again. but i like ayato, he’s funny, smart, we have fun like there’s no tomorrow, and he’s so goddamn good looking. so we’re lovers. but im not the only one. he’s got 2 other girls he’s got a “relationship” with besides me. and yeah we all know about each other. its basically a fucking harem. i fuck him, kirsten fucks him, and miranda fucks him. and we don’t fuck anyone else but him. and yes we all hang out together and watch movies and shit. its kinda weird. no we don’t get into orgies. he’s not into that. 

shit is complicated. 

i dont love him. i dont even care to fall in love. but why not have a good time? 

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  1. I hope you can fulfill your desire to have fun without doing anything dangerous or harmful to your body. Good luck with your special friendship.

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